It is FREE to join and allows you to earn 20% commission on a friend's order while your friend also saves 20% on their order! For example, if your friend's order is a total of $100, you would earn $20 from the order. The discount code is only valid on orders $20 or more.You will create a unique discount code that will track your commission and sales. The money is deposited into your Paypal account about 30 days after the order has been placed. 

Follow the link to sign up:


1. Sign up by clicking the link listed above. You will need to enter your name, PayPal email, and create a password to join.


2. Create a unique discount code of your choice! We recommend using something familiar such as your social media username or a nickname.


3. Share your unique discount code with your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and even strangers. The more, the merrier! Your friend will need to enter your discount code during the checkout process to save $$ and allow you to earn the commission. The discount code is only valid on orders $20 or more.


4. Check out your personal brand ambassador dashboard! From there, you will be able to access, monitor, and share your unique referrer link and discount code. You can also update your reward payment details and contact information at anytime.


5. Find your commission in your Paypal account! Paypal allows the necessary flexibility, security, and simplicity that we require. Paypal is great at handling mass payments across various currencies. Paypal will take a small amount off your commission that is incurred on every Paypal transaction (2.9% plus $0.30). 


There is no limit to how much commission you can make a month so please feel free to share with everyone! The only rule is you must be 18 or older to join!


Please note: Commissions will not be paid on an order that was returned therefore we will pay out at least 30 days after the order was placed.


Don't forget to tell your friend that we have an amazing sale on our website too!


Please note: If you use your own discount code, commission will not be paid.


Please let us know if you have any questions!