We want to make sure our customers know more about us. LuxxLook is an online fashion retailer of shoes, clothing, and accessories for the confident, trend-setting girl. We have a dedicated team of fashion fanatics committed to the goal of connecting our customers with the current fashion trends.

LuxxLook was founded by a woman, Bree Jasmine in her early 20's from the love of fashion and the love of shopping. It was a dream to create an online destination where women would fall in love with every item of clothing. It has required a lot of hard work and dedication but it is completely worth it when we hear that our customers love their clothing! 

The owner's motivation to make this company succeed came from her daughter. As a single mother, she wanted to have a successful future for her and her daughter, Athena. Bree was working full-time in a cubicle and saw the potential in the e-commerce world. She noticed that apparel shopping was becoming an online sensation. For the first year, Bree was working a full-time job and then working on the business on all other hours of the day and night. On top of that, she moved into her mother's basement to save money and invest everything into the business. Soon after she outgrew the basement and moved into a small warehouse. We hope to move into a bigger warehouse as the business slowly grows!

The owner's passion can be seen in all aspects of the business. Bree will schedule photoshoots to retake photos just to improve the quality of the product photos on the website. She constantly searches for manufacturers that provide only the best quality clothing! Bree is always trying to improve the website so each customer will have a great experience when visiting.

As a retail company, we want to connect to each one of our customers on a personal level. We hope to provide the best customer service so that our customer have a full sense of trust in us when ordering.


Bree & the LuxxLook Team