It’s easy for necklaces, earrings and bracelets to get in a tangled mess on top of your dresser. But don’t let these accessory staples become useless because of your disorganized mess. Try some of these tips to organize your jewelry and make it easy to find and fun to use.


DIY - Screen

Do you have an old piece of screen that’s been begging to be tossed in the trash? Turn it into a DIY jewelry organizer instead! Stretch the piece of screen into a frame and either hang it on the wall or lean it against the top of a dresser.
Use the holes in the screen to hang some of your bangle earrings. This will make sure the earrings stay together, so you never have to worry about losing them.

Make Burlap Fancy

Take a cork board and wrap it in burlap for a chic way to organize jewelry. Staple the burlap to the back of the board, and then screw a few hooks into the front of the burlap so you can hang necklaces and bracelets. When the hooks are all installed, hang the board on your wall. Now you have a cute way of organizing your jewelry without getting them tangled up in a drawer.

Use Ice Cube Trays

Separating jewelry into little containers means they won’t get lost or turn into a jumbled mess. Grab some old ice cube trays that could use a little love. If you want to spruce them up, try covering them with spray paint to give them a fun splash of color. Put the trays in your vanity drawer and organize the jewelry in each plastic cube.
One pair of earrings can go into each cube, a necklace in another and so on. This keeps your jewelry in a neat place without a lot of extra money or effort.

String an Old Mirror

Do you have a frame that once belonged to a mirror, but the glass is long gone? Take some wire string and hang a few strands across the length of the mirror frame. Make sure they are tightly secured so they can hold heavy pieces of jewelry. Once you have several strands of wire running through the frame, you can start to hang your jewelry. It makes a nice decoration and put something old to good use.

Recycle Wine Corks for Earrings

Old wine corks make a great craft idea. Glue a few into the base of an old picture frame. Once the base is covered in cork, use it to stick stud earrings into the cork. The cork is a great protector, because you won’t lose earrings when they’re all kept in one place.

Spruce Up a Cheese Grater

Old metal cheese graters are a yard sale steal. Grab one and add a rustic look to it by painting it another color. Then, use the holes to keep long earrings in one location. This mini trick for organizing jewelry won’t take up much room on your dresser, but it keeps your favorite accessories in easy reach.

If these ideas aren't working, visit the Container Store for more ideas. The next time you’re wondering how to organize jewelry, get crafty and transform some items you have laying around the house!