COUPLE GOALS: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

COUPLE GOALS: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the epitome of couple goals. Check out the times they've made us believe in love again and the lessons they've taught us about relationships.

chrissy teigen and john legend jewelry


 After the grammys when Chrissy was drunk and John helped her take off her jewelery/ took care of her. Lesson: Be with someone who's there for the good and the bad - someone who supports you no matter what!


 chrissy teigen and john legend

That one time when Chrissy was pregnant and John made her dress look amazing for the paparazzi. Lesson: Be with someone who's not afraid to get on their hands and knees to make you look flawless.


 lady and the tramp

Throwback to when Chrissy and John fed each other a la Lady and the Tramp. A couple that feeds each other is a couple that stays together and they clearly understand that. Lesson: Sharing is caring.

 chrissy teigen and john legend


John and Chrissy know how to make fun of each other and not take themselves too seriously. They are the masters of being dorky, but looking cute. Lesson: Have fun with your partner!


halloween chrissy teigen and john legend

Chrissy and John know how to dress up together. They keep it cute and fun for Halloween. Lesson: Your couple costumes should always be on point.




John is totally down to hang with Chrissy's mom and he actually enjoys it. These two get that family is everything. Lesson: A partner should be comfortable hanging out with you and your family.