Besides buying that coveted dress at a huge discount, we’re pretty sure that taking off one’s underwire bra (not to mention flinging it across the room) after a long, hot day would rank high among the most satisfying experiences any lady can ever have. Oh no, we’re not guessing here—we know. After all, who loves wearing these suffocating contraptions in the first place?


Without doubt, most of us girls would love to ditch wearing bras entirely (if we can get away with it) with summer temperatures soaring to uncomfortable averages. But is that even possible without our nipples peeking to say hello at the most unfortunate instances (like business meetings and first dates)? Perhaps that’s possible when you’re a size A or B or you’ve got enough will to torture yourself using Band-Aids, but if your girls are amply sized then going bra-less will be next to impossible.


Well, it’s summer and for a season that’s all about getting comfy and wearing as less clothing as possible, we’d be a liar to say that we never went braless for the sake of it ever. So in this post, we’d like to share our little secret to help you pull off the crazy idea of not wearing a bra all summer long.


Are you ready to taste freedom, ladies?


Go for a Bit of Structure

Your mom or boyfriend would probably be hysterical at the sight but nevermind their cynicism or lack of fashion sense (whichever applies)—the truth is that nothing can be more flattering than going braless in a fitted, structured piece. Think of blazers with nothing underneath kind of outfit.


If you’re not ready for this kind of bra-less, though, simply put on a bandeau to give you the same feeling but with little less movement for your girls. Oh, and one more thing: the bustier you are, the tighter your clothing should be or your breasts run the risk of having a nasty, untimely spill.


Obscure Everything with Layers

This actually comes across as a no-brainer but we think it’s still worth the mention: layers are your allies in the battle to free boobs from bras! So wear your favorite tees, cover it up with a blazer, jacket, or a vibrant kimono like the one below and no one will even notice your nipples poking out of your shirt.  

And since it’s almost 65°F outside, feel free to steer away from bombers and go for robe-y or silky styles instead. They’re not only breezy; they’ll earn you some much-needed style points this summer!


Slip into Something with Thick Fabric

While this sounds counterintuitive considering the summer heat, you just can’t deny the fact that knitwear are perfect for your bra-less plans. Not only do they provide support for your chest, they also save you from having to worry about your nipples stealing the show at the corporate luncheon. Plus, they’d really come in handy when you work in a chilly office!

For starters, go for solid-colored knits and then venture into striped or printed pieces later on to add variety.


Try a Sweater or Sweatshirt

The good news is that whichever of the two you choose would work just when you go braless because both loose pieces typically have enough fabric and space to keep erect nipples at bay.

And for especially chilly mornings or cold offices, you might want to wear a tank top underneath for extra warmth.


Distract with a Bold Optic Illusion

Strategically show more boobs and the less people will pay attention to the whole thing. It’s a simple optic illusion, really. To pull off with this one, wear something with low-cut neckline or even armholes (to show a bit of side-boob)—just imagine it as the counterpart of the bro tank. That’s how you go breezy, sista!

When you want to push the sexy envelope even further, try classy but plunging necklines ala Kendall Jenner. Distract onlookers with a masterful show of skin… after all, there’s no such thing as an ugly sternum. Just be careful bending down when wearing this outfit, though.


Get Loose Up Top

By definition, this is how you do breezy the right way. So if you’re not too keen on dealing with boob sweat later in the day, you should totally wear a loose cami top. To earn much-deserved style points along the way, get some off-shoulder action.

What we love about this loose piece is that it goes great with our fave pair of denim shorts. The total summer look!


Hide Behind Ruffles

Ruffles aren’t only good at creating the illusion of a shapely figure; it’s a great concealer… concealer of nipples. So if you’re going braless anytime soon, simply get your favorite ruffled top and you’re ready!


This summer, or any season for that matter, give your chest a breather with these clever fashion hacks.